Rebecca Zahau Case

Bed Post Analysis

Dr. Maurice Godwin







Based on law enforcement's measurements the left end corner bed leg shifted 7.5 inches from its original location, which is marked by a circular indention in the carpet. Standing at the foot of the bed, a police sketch of the area shows that the left side of the bed shifted outward and to the right. There are no photographs available of left front bed leg in relation to the carpet. If the victim's body weight pulled on the bed we would expect to find a drag or brush pattern across the carpet going from left to upper right. However, no drag or brush pattern is visible. Most of the carpet pile in the photograph appears to be brushed to the left away from the bed leg or undisturbed.

Two possible explanations for no brush pattern on the carpet are: 1) due to the rope being higher than the bed combined with a quick jerk could have caused the left side of the bed to travel through the air eventually landing in its final resting place leaving no visible marking; or 2) someone standing along the left side of the bed lifted the bed several inches off the carpet and moved it to its final resting place in order to give the appearance that the bed had shifted.


One way to determine if the bed shifted due to the weight of the body is to examine the right metal bed railing where it locks into the white bed frame. On an examination of the bed from several photographs it appears that the right side of the bed did not shift; the right bed legs remained stationary in their original locations. A sudden jerk that moved the left end corner bed leg 7.5 inches would likely caused a gap or separation of the right bed railing from the white bed frame. At this time there are no photographs which allow for the inspection of the right corner bed legs or railing. In the event there is no gap or separation this would suggest that the left side of the bed did not shift due to force. This would indicate crime scene staging; action done to alter a crime scene in order to thwart police investigators.


Dr. Maurice Godwin




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